Back-to-School Tips for Foster Youth

Helping Youth in Foster Care succeed this Year

For many students, the beginning of a new school year often brings excitement and fun, regularly seeing their friends and classmates, as well as learning new things. It can, however, present several challenges and cause more stress for some young people—particularly those in foster care, who may need additional emotional support and resources from trusted adults to achieve their full potential.

Here are four tips for youth in Kids Above All’s Foster Care Program to help them succeed this school year:

  1. Set Boundaries
    If a classmate asks for your social media information, email address, or phone number, feel free to request social distance. You have a right to set boundaries on who communicates and connects with you.
  2. Speak Up
    If you are struggling or feeling emotionally challenged during the school day, talk with your teacher and request to speak with a school counselor or school social worker. Discussing your feelings with a clinically trained professional, who can suggest coping strategies and mindful relaxation techniques, can decrease stress and provide emotional support.
  3. Be Yourself
    School is about learning, as well as discovering yourself and your academic interests. It can also help you learn how you learn best. Are you a visual learner? To remember information, do you need to write it down? Do you recall details best when they are read to you or spoken aloud? A combination of all three? Any way you learn is uniquely you. Understanding your learning style and communicating it to your teachers can make sure you get the most out of school.
  4. Have Fun
    Start your morning by listening to a fun song, doing a self-affirmation, or adding a picture to your vision board.

About Kids Above All’s Armour Counseling Services

Kids Above All’s Armour Counseling Program provides therapy and other clinical support to children who have experienced trauma, as well as their parents and caregivers, helping our clients achieve personal growth and improved emotional, social and family function.

In FY2021, 188 young people in Kids Above All’s Foster Care Program received trauma-informed counseling to help them heal from abuse and neglect.

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