Lyft Ride Credits Partnership

LYFT provides Ride Credits to KAA's Young People & Families

Kids Above All, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to building better lives for children, today announced that in partnership with Lyft, it will provide access to transportation for young people and their families in the Chicago area. The partnership is part of LyftUp, Lyft’s comprehensive effort to expand transportation access to those who need it most.

Through the partnership, Kids Above All will be granted $1,000 in ride credits this quarter to support their mission, ensuring the young people and their families in Kids Above All’s programs stay safe, healthy and on track to achieving their full potential. Kids Above All’s clients will use Lyft to attend doctors’ appointments, court, job interviews, and go to the grocery store. 

“Lyft’s generosity ensures that our young people and families who don’t have access to affordable, accessible and safe transportation will have every opportunity to get to where they need to go and have a better, more successful life,” said Dan Kotowski, President & CEO of Kids Above All. “We are truly grateful for Lyft’s support and partnership to place the safety, well-being and education of kids above everything else.”

“Our goal is to increase access to transportation for those who need it, and we’re thrilled to partner with Kids Above All to support their vital work across Chicago,” said Lamar Brown, Community Strategist at Lyft. “By activating LyftUp, we hope to remove transportation barriers for young people and their families to get where they need to go.” 

Kids Above All serves children ages 0 to 24 years in Cook, DuPage, Kane and Lake counties, helping them achieve their full potential. Children in their care have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, poverty, toxic stress, and violence. Since its inception Kids Above All has worked to protect, heal, and educate children in their care.

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