FCCH: safe childcare & Family Stability

As a young mother, Marta made difficult choices to build a better life her three daughters, Ashley (age 6), Ailyn (age 2) and Daniela (infant).

In 2012, Marta, Ashley and Ailyn emigrated to the United States from Honduras, seeking safety from violence and greater financial opportunity for their family. The decision to leave Daniela with her grandmother in Honduras was excruciating but Marta promised to reunite the family as soon as possible.

When Marta and her daughters first arrived in America, they lived at a family shelter in Waukegan. Marta immediately found work in janitorial services, so that they could afford a place of their own. But her job wasn’t 9 – 5 p.m., so when she left for work, she worried about her daughters at the shelter.

One of Marta’s co-workers, however, told her about Kids Above All’s Family Childcare Homes (FCCH) program in Lake County, which improves the financial stability of families living in poverty by providing home-based daycare and education services for kids while their parents are at work or in school.

Soon after, Marta enrolled both Ashley and Ailyn in the program.

With the peace of mind of knowing her kids were in a safe, education-focused environment, Marta eventually earned enough to afford an apartment.

In addition to childcare, the FCCH program provided Marta’s family with school supplies, Christmas presents, and rental assistance, helping them to build a life together in their new home. The program also connected Marta to immigration and counseling resources to make sure they had support they needed, as she prepared to reunite with her youngest daughter, Daniela.

In 2017, after five years apart, Marta brought Daniela to Waukegan from Honduras. The transition was difficult due to the lengthy separation and the language barrier.

Marta quickly started Daniela in FCCH, helping her to adjust, make plenty of friends and excel in school.

Now that they are together, Ashley, Ailyn and Daniela are inseparable. Marta and her girls enjoy picnics in the summer and frequent visits to the library

Marta’s goal is to make sure her daughters continue to grow as a family, instilling in them the value of hard work—in school and in life—so they never have to be apart again and can have the best life possible.

“I’m grateful to the FCCH program for helping my family for so many years; They gave me the chance to have my family together again.”

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