What is the Emerge program?

Kids Above All’s Emerge Program helps young adults in the city of Chicago and Lake County, between the ages of 18 and 24, who are experiencing homelessness to achieve self-sufficiency through housing support and case management.

Emerge in Chicago is a two-year transitional housing program, serving up to 20 clients, 15 individuals and five families (with a maximum of two children). Young people in this program:

  • Move into an apartment of their own so they can focus on building better lives;
  • Connect with educational and career resources to secure their financial future;
  • Undergo counseling to work through the trauma of experiencing homelessness; and
  • Attend life skills training workshops on topics such as financial literacy, time management and budgeting so they become independent adults.

Kids Above All’s Emerge Program in Lake County employs a rapid rehousing approach to providing shelter for youth in need. This program serves up to ten young adults, also between the ages of 18 and 24, for a period of between six months and two years. Our Lake County clients:

  • Move into their own apartment, assuming more and more financial responsibility for the rent the longer they stay in the program;
  • Learn about educational and career opportunities to improve their financial well-being;
  • Receive counseling to heal from the trauma of experiencing homelessness; and
  • Attend life skills workshops.

The goal for our young people in Lake County is to achieve both housing and financial stability, staying in the same apartment after the program and taking over full financial responsibility of its lease.

Emerge Impact: Achieving Self-Sufficiency

We invite you to watch the videos below and meet two of our outstanding Emerge clients whose hard work and dedication to the program inspire us every day.

Are you in need of housing in Chicago?

Are you or do you know a young adult in Chicago who is experiencing homeless and in need of stable housing?

Kids Above All’s Emerge program in Chicago accepts new clients on a rolling basis. The City of Chicago, however, requires youth in need of housing to complete an online assessment prior to placement in a program. Once the assessment is finished, you may be eligible for assistance.

Questions about eligibility for or enrolling in Kids Above All’s Emerge Program? Contact Dr. Linda Black, Director of Emerge, at [email protected]

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