Foster Care

Safe, Loving Homes

Children enter the foster care (or child welfare) system as a result of unsafe parenting, including abuse, and neglect. They are removed from their guardian’s supervision and placed in the home of caring individuals or families that provide the safety and support children need to reach their potential.

While the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is their legal guardian, we at Kids Above All are charged with securing placement for our kids with dedicated foster parents who encourage their learning, growth and healing.

During their time in our care, our youth, their caregivers and birth parents participate in counseling and other therapeutic activities to improve their social and emotional skills, as well as their family relationships. 

KAA’s case managers provide training and support for our foster parents and act as advocates for our kids in school, court and with DCFS.

Learn more below about the various types of programs we offer to best meet the needs of our youth in care.


Kids Above All finds children who have experienced trauma a safe, stable home with foster parents who are unrelated to them.


Youth in need of substitute care are placed with family members.

Project 90

The children in our P90 program have undergone sexual trauma or abuse.

Juvenile Justice

The young people in our Juvenile Justice program have been involved in both the juvenile justice and child welfare systems. We partner with foster parents who will provide support to these youth and help them succeed in life.


This program makes sure that teens in foster care have the love and support they need to achieve their potential.


In some cases, children need immediate, short-term care to keep them safe and healthy. The foster parents in our Emergency program are on-call 24/7 and willing to take a child into their care at any time. 

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