Protect our Kids

In 2020, for the first time ever, firearms were the leading cause of death for children.*

*According to the CDC.

Place the safety and well-being of kids and families above everything else.

For too long, politicians have prioritized the profits and campaign contributions of firearm manufacturers, the gun lobby and their allies over the lives of our children and families.

This year alone, the United States has endured more than 400 mass shootings, resulting in the deaths of over 1,000 children and teens ages 0-17. *

76% of those shootings that occurred in public involved an assault weapon and/or high-capacity magazine.**

Take action below to make a meaningful difference in the lives of a young person who has lost a family member to gun violence, tell your state elected officials to support legislation that will ban assault weapons in Illinois, and provide critical resources to kids and families who have experienced trauma.

Contact your elected officials to urge them to support legislation to ban assault weapons and save lives throughout the U.S.

Make a direct, hands-on impact on the life of a child who has lost a parent or sibling to homicide by volunteering with Kids Above All’s Camp Sheilah Program.

Make a financial contribution to help young people and families who have experienced trauma build better lives and achieve their full potential.
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