Group Homes

Supportive Group Living Environments for Teens

Kids Above All operates three residential group homes for teens ages 13-18, in DuPage County. Our homes are safe, supportive places for young people who have suffered abuse and neglect. They receive the encouragement to finish high school, on-site counseling, as well as other therapeutic activities, and life skills training to help them grow into empowered, independent adults.

Our staff helps the youth explore and pursue educational and career opportunities, providing a supportive environment that builds self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control, positive life goals and promotes responsibility and good citizenship.

We build community relationships to foster the well-rounded behavioral, educational, emotional and social development of each teen.

Our Therapeutic Model

At Kids Above All, we believe in treating every child in our care as if they were our own. Because of that, we’ve implemented an innovative approach to helping our young people heal from trauma, centered on one question: “what would we do for our own kids?”

Instead of relying solely on psychotropic medications to help our teens work through their past, we offer other therapeutic activities like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and art, equine and drama therapies. These alternatives engage our youth in different ways, allowing them to work through their healing journey.

Read more about our new therapeutic model here.

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